Prices, Commission, Transport, and Refundable Deposit Scheme

Hollandirect chooses to work in an open and transparent manner with its customers. This means that we show all our customers our purchase price on the webshop.

Prices and Commission;

So we always talk about our purchase price, which is the “bare” departure price without commission and without transportation. So these are the prices we show on our webshop. These are the same for everyone.

In addition, we charge a percentage of commission to cover our overhead costs and the applicable transport rate for your location.


We work independently with all specially equipped carriers such as Breewel, Arjan Eriks, Freshtrans, Timetrans, De Wit Transport, VDG transport etc., so that we can deliver to everyone within a reasonable time.

We put the transport costs per CC trolley calculated by the carrier 1 to 1 on the invoice. These costs depend on your location and the associated transport rates, which we also indicate on this website. These rates are adjusted annually.

This will be around 60€ per CC in northern France, for example, and 150€ per CC in southern France, but a minimum rate equal to 2CC per delivery address.

By default, we load all fragile flowers and Dutch roses on water, and flowers that can be transported dry are transported lying down to achieve a maximum load factor for you. Of course this can be deviated from if required.

We work with several professional flower transporters, which are also equipped as such. For each carrier we show you the rates and delivery area.

Hollandirect always looks for the best transport option, but of course you can also arrange the transport yourself with your own carrier.

Transport rates without diesel surcharge ; Most French deparetments

Transport rates without diesel surcharge ;

Transport rates without diesel surcharge ;

Refundable Deposit scheme for keg and trolleys;

Caskets, buckets and boxes of Royal Flora Holland with a reusable container code and trolleys and floors will be charged on the invoice with the deposit and rental amount determined by Royal Flora Holland. This will be counted manually by our packing team before departure and noted on the accompanying packing printout slip.

On delivery, the carrier also notes on this packing printout slip what he receives in returnable refundable packaging for Hollandirect and leaves a signed reprint behind for you.


You need to mail this printout to us as soon as possible, or send a photo of it with your cell phone. With this photo we can already make your credit invoice for what you send back to us, and with this we can claim your refundable packaging at the transporter. This way, you only pay your invoice after deducting this credit invoice, so ultimately you only pay your trade!

Many transporters collect the refundable packaging from all their customers in their own depot, and stack everything together, after which they deliver everything to us once every 14 days on the basis of your return printout, so without your sent refundable packaging printout, we do not receive your refundable packaging.


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