Hollandirect is your One-stop webshop!

We bring everything together for the florist in one webshop. All you have to do is shop online and Hollandirect takes the worry out of everything by making sure everything is in your shop the next day! This gives you, as a true professional, more time for your profession.

We offer you the best flowers, plants, deco, floristry items and accessories from different trade channels such as;

  • ‘Direct from the grower’: in the course of the afternoon, the grower puts in our webshop what he can deliver crunchers from his greenhouse the next day.
  • ‘Clock presale’: growers must inform the auction in advance digitally of what they are going to auction the next day. We have also made this available to you, so you are already buying trade that will only be auctioned tomorrow.
  • ‘The Hollandirect stock’: is what we bought ourselves at the auction, and therefore have in stock ourselves. Every morning at all auctions we are buying the most interesting bargains, and make them available to you live from 07:00 till approx. 11:00.
  • ‘Direct from the importer‘: in the course of the afternoon, the importer puts in our webshop what he can deliver fresh the next day, sometimes even before it arrives by plane or boat.
  • ‘Reseller‘: or also called commission agents, are for the precision replenishment of very small numbers of special or rare flowers or plants.

So you can see that we offer EVERYTHING and because we work with a relatively small but highly skilled and motivated team, we also work very effectively. Our profit also comes from that efficiency and not from the prices of the products.

That also makes a difference to your wallet!

We understand very well that it is very difficult to estimate the volume of what you have bought, rule of thumb here is that approximately (flowers and plants together) for 700 to 800 euros on 1 cart CC (Danish trolley) goes.

As standard, we load all fragile flowers and Dutch roses on water, and flowers that can be transported dry go with them lying down dry to achieve a maximum load factor for you. If you would like it to be different, you can of course deviate from this.

At Hollandirect, we call each customer at the beginning of the afternoon before his trolleys go out the door with the transporter if there is still room left to fill the trolleys to the max together.

That also saves you money!

We are also one of the few to offer a unique and complete transparency in price, origin, invoicing and transport. Everyone sees the same price on our website. You also always see where the trade comes from. Transport costs are 1 on 1 the costs we are invoiced by the carrier. These can also be requested at any time. Commission is always on request. On request we can also include this commission in the price you see on our webshop.

The invoice is completely transparent and consists of; the products with a basic price, the commission at the bottom, the transport costs (which vary per location) and the deposit for our trolleys and barrels.

All this makes THE difference.

The contacts at Hollandirect speak your language, both literally and figuratively. This is how we make every customer feel REALLY customer.