Why the webshop Hollandirect is closed after 11.00 am?
In order to give our carriers a clear indication of volumes 
and destinations for the departure of the afternoon.


At what time can I reconnect again?
From 13.00 pm, the webshop Hollandirect is ready for
departures the next day


Can I cancel purchases from the webshop HOLLANDIRECT?
Yes, for the Cash & Carry HOLLANDIRECT until 11.00 am, day
of departure. not for all other ways of order 
(auctions, growers and suppliers).


My webshop access is blocked. What td?
Contact your HOLLANDIRECT supervisor to check your state account.


What are the opening hours of the webshop HOLLANDIRECT?
Cash & carry is open all days, except the Sunday.
Auction order lists are available 7/7 and 24/24.


When are available the auction order lists?
All days, until 04.00 am, day of departure. You can add,
cancel or change your order until this deadline.


How torder on the auction order lists?
1 : choose your day of departure
2 : Select items
3 : Enter your quantities (1+ for a full packaging)


Can I order a sub-packaging rather than a full packaging?
yes, minimum quantities are indicated.


Can I have a customized order list that I can recall tsave time?
Yes. Contact your supervisor to create it.


Why do I have to buy full packaging from the Cash & Carry HOLLANDIRECT? 
Our goal is to have the best quality/price ratio, which requires a minimum volume controls and fullpackaging.


Can I order by the way with sub-packaging? 
Yes, we have a specific category for that in the webshop HOLLANDIRECT.


What’s the minimum of volume to order from HOLLANDIRECT? 
Delivery minimum is 2 CC trolleys per delivery, which is the delivery free of all carriers. There is no minimum in term of value; it’s the volume which determines the departure.


What is the best time to order from HOLLANDIRECT?
All stocks are available the day before departure. You can also enjoy the shopping opportunities on departure day until 11.00 am.


If I don’t want a full packaging from the auction order list, what to do?
Instead of typing 1+ in the order list, you can enter the quantity of stem you need (a summary table is purposed to help you).


If I type 1+, how many flowers will I receive? 
Quantities are standard on the auctions. A summary table is purposed to help you.

Are there any indications of quality in Holland? 
A1 : extra 
A2 : with a remark
B : second choice (with variants : B1, B2 �)


What are the indications of opening flowers? 
12: very closed 
22 et 33 means: OK
24 and 34 mean: starting opening


What is the standard of quality of HOLLANDIRECT? 
We buy mainly A1. Sometimes A2 if the price/quality ratio warrants.


HOLLANDIRECT never buys A2 or B in big volume??
Usually, no. Be careful with the Direct Grower category, some of ours growers can propose some, it’s up to you to select.

Who are the carriers working with HOLLANDIRECT? 
We select our carriers independently. This allows us to get the best service and the best price for each area we deliver.


What to do with the CMR form which contains all my trolleys and tablets delivered? 
You have to fax it to +31 7140 86314 or scan it to petra@hollandirect, so that we can process and organize the return of the trolleys.